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Eastside Corvette Club is dedicated to being a fun club for fun people who want to drive their Corvettes to fun places and do fun things. 

To achieve this, the direction and activities of ECC are determined by the members, for the members. 

About Us -

Eastside Corvette Club enjoys a diverse membership, with many interests and hobbies involving Corvettes.   We are a civic organization of Corvette enthusiasts located in Puget Sound Washington with our offices located on the Eastside of Lake Washington.  Some of our activities:

  • Car tours to various points of interest including wineries, casinos, museums, restaurants.
  • Numerous Parades
  • Corvette events including other Corvette car clubs, show and shines, rallies.
  • Club Social Events such as glass blowing, chocolate making, picnics and other events for pure socialization

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It seems a youth group of car enthusiasts - ages 7-13 in a fun automobile history and beginner car modeling class found the Eastside Corvette club website to be a helpful resource for their class.  Unfortunately, we didn't see an email from the instructor, LouAnne Taylor to inform us that we had a contribution for our own website from them.  Our Sincere Apologies, but thank you for this great resource for Corvette Enthusiasts that I am posting a link to.  It's a great resource to give to anyone interested in Corvettes and their history and heritage. This is the Parts Geek's "Enthusiasts Guide to the Corvette" from Adrian.

LouAnne has her own website - Booklicious.net    Be sure to check it out as well!

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Come Cruz with Eastside Corvette Club 


We make Corvette Cruising FUN!!