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Christmas Lighting for your Corvette

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ECC Vette Tech

Lighting your Corvette for Christmas cruising can be great fun.  Or, if it is raining, it can be a real pain in the caboose.  Here are my recommendations:

If putting lights on the outside of your car, use lots of blue tape, but be forewarned, it doesn't still very well, and you will be re-applying it as your lights fall off from the rain and wind when driving.

If putting lights on the inside of your car, find 12-volt lights or find a small 110volt adapter to plug into your cigarette lighter.

If it's raining - it is no fun standing in the rain putting lights on your car - or standing in the rain to take them off.    I personally prefer to put them inside my car in the warm of my own garage.  But, it doesn't  have the same affect.  Maybe a mixture of both works best for you?


In the past, I ordered one of these converters for electrical from Amazon.- something like this - there are lots to choose from.  Do a search for 12volt to 110 volt converter


For your lights, you can go nuts and use anything you would like that plugs into this power inverter, or chose from many of the 12 volt lights available.   Something like these.-

This can be an easy and fun project, and it does get you into the Christmas spirit. 

Don't forget to wear your Santa Hat, and make sure your elf has an appropriate hat on as well!!!


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