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C6 Paddle Shifter Right Side Reversal

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C6 Steering Wheel


If you are like me, you are driven nuts by the paddle shifter paddles on the C6 Corvette.  I have 4 cars with paddle shifters, one thing consistent on them all, but the C6, is that you pull back on the left to downshift, and you pull back on the right to upshift.  The C6 is pull back on left or right to dowshift, and push on small buttons above the steering wheel to upshift.    Every time I get in the car, being used to driving the others, I shift badly with it.    This article is about a simple modification you can make by swapping two wires in the steering wheel to fix that.   When done, pulling on the left downshift, pulling on the right upshifts.  Pushing the button on the left upshifts, pushing the button on the right downshift.  I will no longer use the buttions, and having the paddles consistent with other cars is great!!!!

 c6 Paddle Shift Modification PDF File

Note - I did this modification.  Takes about 30 minutes.  I like it, its a great idea!  If you are an ECC member, and need help, let me know, happy to help you do it.   Todd Hodgen

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